• Revenue Enhancement Program*
  • Inventory in Your Office or Delivered to Patient’s Home
  • Telemetry Center Open; 24/7/365 year
  • Highly Qualified and Certified Technicians
  • Captures data during daily activity
  • View On-Line or Off-line Devices
  • Dashboard to View Activity
  • All EKG Beats can be Included, bringing accuracy to within 99%
  • Weighs less than 5 ounces
  • Notification Alert Criteria set by Healthcare Professional
*Revenue Enhancement through RMC Third Party Affiliate’s Fee/Service



  • 100 Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Care Disease*​
  • Revenue Enhancement ​Through Medicare Allowables
  • CMS Sponsored Program​
  • Program Meets All CCM Criteria
  • Access to Patient Information 24/7
  • 20-Minute Monthly Verfication Summary
  • Outsource to Maximize Your Time​ and Efficiency
*Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (2)​



  • 16.3 Million Americans Suffer From Coronary Heart Disease*/**
  • 7.0 Million Americans Suffer from Stroke**
  • In-office ​​Non-Invasive CIMT​ (​Carotid intima media thickness​)​ scan/testing (refers to the thickness of the inner layers of the artery).​
  • In Office ​Non-Invasive IMT ​Testing​/​CIMT SCAN​: Early Detection of Disease-Captures info about an individual’s risk of experiencing a heart attract, stroke, or MI; .Aapproximately 10 minutes; ​does not expose the patient to radiation
  • Revenue Enhancement ​Through CardioRisk’s In-Office Business Model​
  • Qualified​/​Trained Sonographers Come​ ​to Your Office
Note: ​ CIMT testing has been used in research for over 20 years. It has only been available in clinical settings since 2002. CIMT testing has been validated in many published studies in the most reputable journals.

*​Heart attack and chest pain)
**American Heart Association (4)
​Information from CardioRisk. ​
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