Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management


  • 85% of Healthcare Funding Goes to Treatment of Chronic Diseases
  • 133 Million Americans Experience at Least One Chronic Disease
  • 70% of All Deaths Result from Chronic Diseases
  • More than Two­-Thirds of Medicare Spending Goes to Patients with Five or More Chronic Diseases


  • 100 Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Care Disease
  • Revenue Enhancement ​Through Medicare Allowable​
  • CMS Sponsored Program​​
  • Program Meets All CCM Criteria
  • Access to Patient Information 24/7
  • 20-Minute Monthly Verfication Summary
  • Outsource to Maximize Your Time​ and Efficiency


  • Allows You to Generate Monthly Revenue with ​Third Party Assistance
  • Outsource Your Chronic Care Patients to Maximize Your Time
  • Keeps You ​fully Compliant and Within Medicare Guidelines
  • Peace of Mind That You Are Working with Qualified Professionals
  • Complete Access to Your Patients at Any Time.
  • A Full Patient Monthly Summary Will Be Provided
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