• In-Office POC or Analyzer Turnkey System
  • Revenue Enhancement ​Through Medicare Allowables​
  • 90-Day Assessment to Determine Analyzer Qualifying Options
  • Complete CLIA Assistance Provided
  • State of the Art Summary and History Report
  • Compliance Manuals & Risk Management Assessment Expertise**
  • Full Integration with Your Current EMR Available
  • BLOOD PANELS: Tailored to Healthcare Professionals Needs.
  • Puts Control of Industry Allowable Testing in House
*Applicable Healthcare Attorney Fees Apply Through Third Party
*Call RMC Sales Executive For an Individualized Office Proforma



  • Minimize potential adverse drug reactions
  • More accurate methods of determining appropriate drug dosages
  • Results incorporated from in-office swab tests
  • Not all individuals metabolize drugs the same way
  • Focuses on the connections between the genes carried by an individual (genotype) and specific reactions to drugs such as side effects and toxicity
  • Offer valuable information to assist prescribers in determining individual patient drug therapy and the effectiveness of drugs prescribed
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